SuperTest Overview

SuperTest Overview

SuperTest is the test and validation suite for C and C++ compilers that has tracked the (ISO) language specifications for more than 30 years. It is a complete validation environment with:

  • A huge library of hand-written test.
  • A large body of generated tests.
  • A framework to easily set-up and run compiler validations.
  • A report generator that provides comprehensive overviews of validation results in multiple formats, including HTML, and will immediately identify regressions of the latest compiler build compared to a designated reference.

SuperTest also includes a number of unique features that are not found in other test suites.

Unique features:

  • SuperTest’s Code Size Tracking is an easy way to monitor changes in generated code size between compilers or between different compiler settings.
  • The CGtrainer – Code Generator trainer – is a suite of nearly one-thousand tests aimed at boot-strapping new compiler development.
  • The ABI-tester can be used to verify calling conventions within the compiler, between different versions of the compiler, or even between completely different compilers.
  • Powerfull testing of the code generator/back-end.
  • The Depth-Suite is a collection of generated tests that exhaustively verifies arithmetic correctness relative to the target machine’s data model. Depth suites for many data models are included, but if your data model is not there, we will create one for you free of charge.
  • Parallel testing automatically splits validation runs into a preconfigured numbers of threads to speed up the validation.
  • Testing and qualification of libraries.
  • Tempest is the TEMPlate Expander. A production-rule driven test generator to create pseudo-random variations of a particular test.
  • and more……..“What you can expect from SuperTest”