Videos and Webinars

Videos and Webinars

We regularly give webinars and talks at conferences about compiler and library qualification, functional safety and other related topics. On this page, you find an overview of webinars and talks that were recorded, as well as other videos about compiler qualification, library qualification and the use of our products. If you want to stay updated, make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel


How to Qualify Standard Libraries in Safety Critical Applications

In this webinar together with VectorCast, we explain how to qualifying the standard C library with code coverage and testing

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Large scale test suites: The standard library is huge

In this talk we will show our approach to build a test suite with full coverage of all the functions in most sections of the C++ Library.

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Safety and Security Critical Software: Start with the End in Mind

In this webinar together with GrammaTech, we explain why you need to make sure your compiler is up to the task. The compiler is the one tool that is responsible for translating all of your source code to application code which will run on your target processor. One error in this translation can have an unpredictable effect on your application.

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Language Subsetting and Compiler Qualification in the Development of Software for Safety-Critical Systems

In this webinar together with BUGSENG, we explain why language subsetting with MISRA standards and compiler qualification go hand-in-hand during the development of software for safety-critical systems.

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ISO 26262 Compiler Qualification in Practice

In this webinar together with VectorCast, we will give you an overview of the benefits of compiler qualification and of what is actually involved in the process of compiler qualification according to ISO 26262.

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Safety Critical Compilers for Cyber Security & Reliable Development

In this webinar together with AFuzion, we will teach you key technical aspects of safety-critical testing related to cyber-security and compilers.

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How to find and avoid vulnerabilities in Embedded Compilers

In this webinar with VectorCast, we walk through the ISO 26262 standard and discuss how it is applied to compilers. The standard offers four methods for tool qualification but as we will see, not all are suitable for compilers.

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Testing and qualification of Optimizing Compilers for Functional Safety

During this talk at the LLVM European Developer’s Meeting, we discuss the requirements of ISO 26262 on tools such as LLVM compilers and how they can be met with a testing procedure that works well with the V-Model of engineering.

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Verifying the safety of optimizing compilers

During this talk at the LLVM Social Meetup in Bangalore, we show how we have developed a technique that achieves good results with optimization testing and demonstrate optimization errors in some well-known compilers.

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