Our Team

Our Team

Our team includes experienced software language specialists and business professionals. We know that we need one another to deliver outstanding work. We value each other’s opinion and strong involvement in the company. Due to our flat organization everyone can have a say in how he or she does his or her work. This creates a high level of job satisfaction and a strong commitment.

Our team

Marianne Damstra

After approximately 10 years of experience at ACE and being responsible for SuperTest, the opportunity arose to acquire SuperTest and start my own company. This is a great adventure that I enjoy every day since I am glad to learn new things and meet new people. Understanding new markets and filling gaps by improving our products as a TEAM is what I stand for.

Besides running this company as one of its co-founders, I like to play competitive basketball and being active with my family in my spare time.

Marcel Beemster

I love the C programming language, right from the first day I picked up K&R’s book, because it provides a direct connection with the machine at high performance. That book was destroyed by a Chinese professor with a fondness for Prolog who sat on it for reference while writing a device driver. C is that flexible. It did not stop me. C has its issues, but so has <insert your favorite language here>. My long term goal is to make sure our C programs and implementations are of the highest quality possible.

José Luis March Cabrelles
Software Quality Engineer

I received a Computer Engineering Degree, and a Master’s on Networks and Operating Systems, at the Technical University of Valencia (UPV) in Spain. Afterward, I studied a PhD focused on Processor Microarchitecture, devising different techniques to dynamically reduce Power Consumption in Multicore Embedded Systems while they are executing tasks with Real-Time constraints. Finally, after a career break in Västerås (Sweden), I joined Solid Sands as Software Quality Engineer in the summer of 2016.

Monica Visser
Marketing and Communication Coordinator

After my study in Marketing and Communications, I joined the team of Solid Sands in 2017. My interest lies in creating unique ideas and new content, which is why I am curious about the unknown and like to take on a challenge. This is exactly what I found in Solid Sands, working on the marketing department for such a technical products, SuperTest & SuperGuard, makes work quite interesting.

I am motivated, enthusiastic and keep myself sharp by pushing myself and setting goals. When I am not in the office, I enjoy traveling and exploring different cultures.

Nicola Rossi
Senior Software Engineer

One of my first experiences "with" compilers was to develop a short piece of C software and translate it into binary code using the Z80 User manual so ... I was the compiler myself. After this and many kinds of lowest-level experiences and the advent of University has changed my life, I began to grow the interest in programming languages, compilers, optimizations, standards, and guidelines.

Crossing many projects on critical and safety systems in the areas of defense, railway, satellite, biometrics, I joined the Solid Sands fleet in November 2017 to boldly go where nobody has gone before.

Remi van Veen
Qualification Lead Engineer

My interest in compilers was fueled by the compiler construction course at university, which is my favorite course of all time. For my Master's thesis in Software Engineering, I joined Solid Sands to research the testing of compiler optimizations in 2018. After graduating, I productized my research into the SuperTest compiler optimization test suite. Today my main focus is on leading compiler and library qualification projects following various functional safety standards. I really enjoy advising our customers about the safe use of their compilers and libraries.

In my spare time, I like traveling, cycling, going to concerts and watching lots of football.

Wan-Yi Chiu
Worldwide Sales Representative

Growing up in East Asia, I opened a new chapter by landing myself in the Netherlands since 2018. I finished my study in Comparative Cultural Analysis in Amsterdam and joined the team of Solid Sands in 2020. My oversea experience fuels my enthusiasm in the international business and intercultural communications. I am happy to build connections with people from different cultures around the world. It’s very exciting to be a part of Solid Sands as Sales Representative, which makes me be able to see more and create more together with people.

My biggest interest is enjoying global literature and films. I am also into brewing coffee and trying different recipes in my kitchen.

Vladislav Yaglamunov
Software Engineer

I was introduced to C++ in high school, I was participating in lots of algorithmic programming contests and C++ simply had the fastest execution times, so it was the obvious choice for many contestants. I was not aware of all the depth behind it until I had a course on it in university, where I was completely shocked and amazed by it. There, I also got interested in logic and formal methods, and so I moved to the Netherlands to study it and that is how I joined Solid Sands for my Master's thesis in formal verification of C library. In my free time, I enjoy movies and online games, occasionally, I like snowboarding and table tennis.

Ivaylo Ivanov
Software Engineer

Led by love for problem solving sparked by high school competitive mathematics and a passion for technology dating back to the time I first touched a keyboard, I moved to the Netherlands to expand my knowledge and skills in an academic environment. I joined Solid Sands for an internship as a part of my study and I really enjoy tackling the challenges I face on the job. Endless curiosity and willingness to learn are the things that keep me going. When I'm not in the office you can find me either on the ski slopes or at the trampoline park.

Gabrielle Espejo
Office Assistant

Originally from the Venezuelan Amazon, I came to Europe 12 years ago. I joined the Solid Sands team in 2022 because I am passionate about the technology industry and Solid Sands allowed me to solidify my skills as an office assistant and continue to expand my knowledge in the IT field.

I consider myself a curious person by nature and I am always willing to learn new skills, that is why I am currently combining learning Dutch with programming studies, an area that generates great interest for me. In my free time when I am not in the office, I may be cooking, adjusting my camera lens to take photos, taking care of my plants, or at the airport embarking on a new adventure.

Loran Doets
Marketing and Communication Intern

I am currently studying Marketing and Communication in Zaandam. My interests lie in Marketing, communication, and IT. Solid Sands allows me to combine my interests and create something new. I’m excited to learn about Solid Sands’ products and services and help to bring this complicated yet interesting product to the world.

Graduated students

Remi van Veen

Correctness Testing of Loop Optimizations in C and C++ Compilers

University of Amsterdam, 2018

Read the thesis

Vasileios Gemistos

A Study on Undefined Behavior in C

University of Amsterdam, 2019

Read the thesis

Rick Watertor

Assessing the standard-compliance for multi-threading primitives in C compilers

University of Amsterdam, 2020

Read the thesis

Jelle Witsen Elias

Making compiler tests based on compiler source code coverage

University of Amsterdam, 2021

Read the thesis

Vladislav Yaglamunov

Correctness proofs for C library functions with Frama-C

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, 2021

Read the thesis

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