Functional Safety Overview

Functional Safety Overview

Our products can be used to qualify compilers and libraries for functional safety. Functional safety is one of the most important aspects of many embedded systems today, especially in sectors such as automotive, railway, industrial automation and medical. 

Compiler qualification is the process that can be used to develop the required confidence in the compiler. Compiler testing against the language specification is the proper method for this. SuperTest, with its traceability from the C and C++ language standards to the test, is the best test suite for compiler qualification.

Library qualification is even more critical because the library contains code that is linked into the application and loaded onto the target device. If a library component is defective, the functional safety of the entire application is therefore jeopardized. SuperGuard can be used to support qualification of standard library implementations for safety critical applications.

There are different functional safety standards for which you can use SuperTest and SuperGuard to qualify your compiler and library.

ISO 26262
ISO 26262 is the functional safety standard for electrical and electronic systems in series production passenger cars and other automotive categories. It requires qualification of all (electrical and electronic) components with respect to safety. The qualification process is described in the standard.
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IEC 61508
IEC 61508 is the international umbrella standard for functional safety. This standard and other standards derived from it are used in all kinds of industries with requirements on reliability and safety, for example process industries, nuclear power plants and railway control systems.
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EN 50128 / EN 50716
EN 50128 / EN 50716 are European standards for safety related software in railway applications.
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IEC 62304
IEC 62304 is the international standard which specifies life cycle requirements for the development of medical software and medical devices.