SuperTest in Short

SuperTest in Short

SuperTest is the test and validation suite for C and C++ compilers that has tracked the (ISO) language specifications for more than 40 years. It is a complete validation environment with:

  • A huge library of hand-written test.
  • A large body of generated tests.
  • A framework to easily set-up and run compiler validations.
  • A report generator that provides comprehensive overviews of validation results in multiple formats, including HTML, and will immediately identify regressions of the latest compiler build
    compared to a designated reference.

Verification for:

  • C90, C99, C11, C18 and Embedded C
  • C++03, C++11, C++14, C++17 and
  • Optimization correctness
  • C and C++ Standard Library
  • Code Generator development
  • Data model specific arithmetic
  • Calling conventions


  • Section Traceability
  • Supports bare metal targets
  • Windows and Linux
  • Multi-processing speedup
  • Flexible test generators
  • Full control over test sets
  • Python configuration plugin
  • Reporting tools