We are frequently asked questions about compiler qualification. Why it is necessary and how hard is it to qualify your compiler? Well, with SuperTest it is not hard at all, and we are happy to help you. That is why we will be at the Autonomous Vehicle Software Symposium in Stuttgart and at the Embedded Testing 2018 in Munich. We are also hosting a webinar in between these two major events.

During the webinar, our CTO, Dr. Marcel Beemster, will talk about two important themes surrounding compiler qualification and how to use SuperTest. First off he will be speaking about why it is necessary to qualify compilers. This has, in part, to do with regulations set in the ISO 26262 standard. It defines for instance the required level of ‘compiler confidence’, and the methods available to achieve it. One of them is qualification by validation and SuperTest is the perfect test-suite to do this.

Are there other reasons you should qualify your compiler?

Source code isn’t compiler generated code. Generated code is larger and has a much more complicated branch structure because of it. Hence compiler qualification is needed to make sure that the generated code has no errors.

Marcel Beemster will also talk about advantages of compiler qualification, for instance when it comes to efficient application development. Compiler qualification can be done simultaneously with the development of the application, whereas regular code testing can only be done after the development phase. This shortens the time-to-market significantly. And if you are able to qualify the compiler in-house with a test suite like SuperTest, you are much more flexible in the choice of use-case, compiler-version, and even the choice of the compiler brand.

How to qualify your compiler?

The second part will be all about how to qualify your compiler. Marcel Beemster will show you examples of how you can do that and how easy it actually can be if you use SuperTest. He will lead you through the process from start to end and will show you that compiler qualification isn’t rocket science if you use SuperTest.

Join us!

The webinar will be held on June 14 at 11.00 am CEST. Join us to find out for yourself how easy it can be to qualify your compiler. You can register via this link.

We hope to see you at the webinar or in Stuttgart or Munich!

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