The realisation that qualified compilers are a necessity in the development of safety-critical applications is finally hitting home in the automotive industry. Yet not every company has the capacity to qualify a compiler themselves for their specific configuration and compiler options – their use case. You may be using a pre-qualified compiler, but are you sure that matches the use case that your application is built with? This is why we introduce our Tailor-Made Compiler Qualification Service – for your configuration, your options and your environment.

During our years of compiler testing, we have never encountered a compiler that is error-free under all option settings, including compilers that are pre-qualified by the compiler vendor. In many industries it’s important, if not mandatory, that you identify compiler malfunctions for its specific use case. No matter if you are a world leader in your industry, or an up-and-coming contender, your compiler may have to be qualified to meet the ISO 26262 and EN 50128 standards.

Using a pre-qualified compiler

Especially for smaller companies, compiler qualification can be a challenge. They often do not have the knowledge or manpower in-house. One way to overcome the problem is to use a pre-qualified compiler. Although this means the compiler is tested, it is tested for a limited number of use cases only. It will almost certainly not have been tested with your actual configuration, your options and for your environment. This paper by BUGSENG’s CTO Roberto Bagnara dramatically demonstrates the huge effects of the compiler’s use case. It contains a short C program that has over 700 different behaviors by just changing compiler options.

Tailor-Made Compiler Qualification Service

Our new license-free Tailor-Made Compiler Qualification Service is designed to qualify your compiler with your individual set of compiler options and configuration parameters. We have already constructed execution environments for over 20 commonly used compilers, allowing qualification to be quickly performed in the same environment with the same set of compiler options that you are using. After running SuperTest , we will provide you with a detailed qualification report highlighting any compiler errors. If needed, we can even provide you with options to mitigate their effects.

Want to know more?

Don’t hesitate to contact us to hear how our Tailor-Made Compiler Qualification Service can benefit your company. Alternatively, come and meet us at the ELIV – International Congress on October 16-17 at the World Conference Center in Bonn, Germany. During the event we will happily meet with you and explain how our new service can support you.

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