SuperTest Demo Instructions

SuperTest Demo Instructions

Thank you for your interest in SuperTest, the test and validation suite for C and C++ compilers and libraries. The instructions for downloading and unpacking the SuperTest Demo are below.

There are two choices for the Demo: Windows or POSIX.

The Windows SuperTest demo runs on 64-bit Windows 10 or higher platform. The POSIX SuperTest Demo runs on any unix/linux like platform, including MacOS. The tools in the POSIX version are provided in source and need to be installed. This requires common POSIX tools such as a shell and a C-compiler. See further instructions below.

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Download Instructions for The Windows SuperTest Demo

Start the downloaded installer with the name “InstallSuperTestDemo.msi” on a 64-bit Windows host machine with Windows 10 or higher.

The installer will:
– Install SuperTest in “Program Files
– Create a directory with an example configuration named “SuperTest” in your Document folder
– Create a Command-terminal shortcut on the Desktop
– Create a SuperTest entry in the Windows start menu

SuperTest can be uninstalled using the standard Windows application manager.

In the start menu, find SuperTest and click the “Documentation” entry. Then follow the instructions provided there.

Download the demo for Windows now by clicking the button below:


Setting up the POSIX SuperTest Demo

The SuperTest Demo runs on any POSIX compatible platform (Linux, macOS, Solaris). It is also possible to use this SuperTest demo for POSIX on Windows, but that requires to first install a POSIX compatibility layer such as Cygwin or Windows Subsystem for Linux (click here for more information).

Unpack the file SuperTestDemo.tgz with the terminal command:

tar xzf SuperTestDemo.tgz

This creates a new directory “SuperTestDemo/“. In this directory a file named “index.html” can be found. Open it in a web-browser and follow the instructions.

Download the demo for POSIX now by clicking the button below: