Amsterdam, the Netherlands – May 16, 2023 – Solid Sands, the world-leading provider of testing and qualification technology for compilers and libraries, has launched Update #4 of its SuperTest Vermeer Release.

This SuperTest Vermeer Release Update #4 takes things to the next level for developers of safety-critical applications programmed in C++. This is thanks to the 800 additional tests being made available. SuperTest satisfies the security, functional safety and behavioural requirements of ISO 26262. By supporting the test and validation of C++20 compilers, SuperTest is enabling developers to keep on top of all the latest developments in C++ programming.

Also incorporating a more efficient optimization suite, SuperTest Vermeer Release Update #4 introduces Tempest2, the latest version of the popular and easy-to-use tool that automates repetitive test patterns. Tempest2 uses Solid Sands’ generic mechanism for incorporating test generators, making it possible to generate tests from context-free grammar and a code template. Developed to use ‘ties’ as a way of binding together multiple literals, Tempest2 offers test developers precise control over how tests are generated.

Marcel Beemster, CTO at Solid Sands, says: “I am sure our users in the automotive and other safety-critical industries will welcome this update because it provides a big step forward for C++. A particular highlight are the improvements in standard library structural coverage for C++11 and C++14, which is approaching 100%. But we are also committed to our many other users who will appreciate the enhancements of the optimization test suite so that its application scope is much wider, and the fine-tuning of the test suite organization to better match the language specifications. And even if they might not write templates for Tempest2 themselves, everybody gets its benefits right away because we have already created many tests with it.”