•  Calling convention testing now integrated into standard SuperTest runtime configurations
  •  Graphical user interface offers simplified configuration, testing and inspection 

Amsterdam, The Netherlands – 13 February 2020
– Solid Sands, the world leader in compiler testing and validation, today announced Update #1 to the latest SuperTest™ Vermeer Release. Adding to the optimizing compiler suite, bare-metal system testing, Windows environment and traceability capabilities introduced with Vermeer, this important new update includes simplified calling convention testing, a new graphical user interface (GUI), C18 language support, and enhanced traceability between SuperTest tests and C language variants.

Comprehensive testing of calling conventions is a vitally important part of compiler testing and qualification. Particularly when different sections of code, such as a function library and application program, are compiled by different compilers or different versions of the same compiler. Today’s update allows users to invoke it by simply adding the -c option to the test driver. After that, everything else is automated.

Also aimed at enhancing SuperTest’s ease-of-use, this first update adds a graphical user interface for SuperTest configuration, testing and inspection. Designed for users working in Windows, Linux and macOS environments, this new GUI offers them a more familiar alternative to the command-line interface predominantly used by compiler developers.

“We continuously listen to our customers to better understand the way they work and the constraints they are under, so that we can make life as easy as possible for them as they come under increasing pressure to demonstrate conformity to safety standards such as ISO 26262,” said Dr. Marcel Beemster, Chief Technology Officer at Solid Sands. “That’s why we add new technical and ease-of-use features to SuperTest as soon as we recognize the need for them, and why we are introducing new service offerings that make state-of-the-art compiler qualification accessible and affordable.”

Today’s update also extends two-way requirements traceability between SuperTest tests and the relevant section/subsection of the language definition with C++17 support. The new ‘stref’ command allows users to specify a language version and specification section/subsection and receive a corresponding list of all tests in the suite that are relevant to that section/subsection. Conversely, users can specify an individual test, and receive a list of all those sections in the language specification for which the test is valid.

SuperTest Vermeer Update #1 is available now.

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