Now that cars are more and more equipped with cameras and sensors, the automotive industry is moving to the C++ language as the standard for coding. The latest update of SuperTest makes it the first test suite that can comprehensively validate C++14 compilers.

The latest revision of the C++ language was one that was, according to programmers, long overdue. Especially now most cars have a variety of advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) built in, they were asking for new features to help them to better program these components.

New features
ADAS is not new in the industry. For years cars have been built with Assisted Braking Systems (ABS) and Electronic Stability Programs (ESP). But the ADAS systems have become more intelligent with systems like LiDAR, front and back cameras and (parking) sensors. The software for this is so complicated that the car industry is switching to a new programming paradigm.

The completion of type deduction and the addition of generic lambdas are two C++14 features that many programmers were waiting for. C++11 allowed lambda functions to deduce the return type based on the type of the expression given to the return statement. C++14 provides this ability to all functions.

6.000 new tests
The new C++ standard is supported in the latest extension to SuperTest, so that the new features are also tested. While building the C++14 suite, we found that some mainstream compilers are not yet feature complete, for example (but not limited to) the implementation of template variables.

That is why we are proud to announce our new C++14 language feature test suite, that is feature complete and has full coverage. We have created 814 new test files, each one specific to the new update of the C++14 language definition. That means that the new update now contains over 6.000 individual tests designed for the new standard of coding in the automotive industry.

The new update is available and current users have automatically been updated to the SuperTest Mondrian Release V2

Do you want to know more about the latest update of SuperTest and its capabilities? Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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