SIG evaluates software quality as defined in the ISO/IEC 25010 standard

Amsterdam – 21 March 2017 Solid Sands the supplier of SuperTest™, the industry-leading and largest test and validation suite for C and C++ compilers and libraries, announces today that the Software Improvement Group, SIG, ranked SuperTest highest on coverage, maintainability and quality in a comparative study of compiler test suites used within the safety critical markets.

“We agreed with SIG to produce this software quality report and do a verification of the unique features of SuperTest in comparison with the most well known open source compiler test suites for C/C++. ” says Solid Sands’ CCO Marianne Damstra. “Due to strict quality requirements within the safety critical markets, this report will give suppliers to these markets enough confidence that SuperTest is the only suitable tool to achieve a high and reliable compiler quality level.”

Traceability is very important during a qualification process. SuperTest validates against many language specifications and it includes both language and library tests. When it comes to qualification of the compiler and library, SIG confirms that the key advantage of SuperTest over other compiler test suite is that it is organized according to the language standard. This means that there is a mapping between the tests and the specification of the compiler.

SIG operates a unique software evaluation laboratory governed by the Quality Management System as required by the ISO/IEC 17025 international standard for testing and calibration laboratories. SIG is also the only organization in the world certified by TÜViT for Trusted Product Maintainability.

“Evaluation of compiler tests suites comes with specific challenges.”, says Joost Visser, CTO of SIG. To meet these challenges, SIG extended its ISO 25010 quality evaluation framework with additional quality attributes. “This way”, explains Visser, “we are able to leverage our 15+ years of experience in software evaluation also in this domain.”

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