World-leading SuperTest compiler test and validation suite at the heart of a new qualification service that allows compiler users to acquire the necessary confidence level required by functional safety standards such as ISO 26262 and EN 50128.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands – 3 October 2019 – Solid Sands, the world leader in compiler testing and validation, today announced a major expansion of its service offering specifically targeted at the burgeoning number of SMEs that don’t have the knowledge or manpower to undertake compiler qualification in-house. As part of its new SuperTest-based Compiler Qualification Service, Solid Sands engineers will qualify a range of commonly used compilers under an individual user’s set of compiler options and use cases. Compiler errors detected during qualification will be detailed in a comprehensive qualification report, with the option of enlisting Solid Sands’ world-leading expertise to mitigate their effects. The benefits of Solid Sands’ new Compiler Qualification Service will be particularly relevant in the growing number of functional safety and security critical application domains.

“In many years of compiler testing, we have never encountered a compiler that is error-free under all use cases, including those that are pre-qualified by the compiler vendor,” says Marianne Damstra, Chief Commercial Officer at Solid Sands. “In many industries it is vitally important, if not mandatory, for even the smaller companies to demonstrate compliance to the necessary standards. It’s those compiler users who have chosen not to set up their own in-house qualification procedures that we are intent on serving with our new qualification service.”

To deliver its new Compiler Qualification Service, Solid Sands has constructed execution environments for over 20 commonly used compilers, allowing qualification to be performed in the same environment with the same set of compiler options the customer is using. These execution environments can even include target hardware provided by the customer in the form of a suitable development/prototype board. After running SuperTest in the specified environment, customers will be provided with a detailed qualification report highlighting any compiler errors. As an added cost follow-up service, Solid Sands will provide expert advice on how the effects of these compiler errors can be mitigated.

Introduction of Solid Sands’ new Compiler Qualification Service is a direct response to the growing number of quality-related questions from functional safety and security conscious users, many of them in highly innovative SMEs that drive technological change.