An innovative, integrated, and continuous approach to developing and testing safety-critical software such that it demonstrably meets all safety standards

Amsterdam and Waalre – 30 November 2016 – Solid Sands and Verum Software Tools are pleased to announce that their joint Integrated Safety for Deeply Embedded Systems Software (ISAFE) project has been approved for MIT funding.

Solid Sands, the supplier of SuperTest, the industry-leading and largest test and validation suite for C and C++ compilers and libraries, and Verum Software Tools, creator of the Dezyne software engineering toolset for efficiently building verifiably correct embedded software, have a mutual ambition to develop and market an integrated service for the development of safety-critical systems software.

With this ISAFE project, Verum and Solid Sands aim to create a continuous integrated approach to the development and test of safety-critical software that meets all safety standards and requirements.

“We are very happy to join forces with Verum.” says Solid Sands’ CTO Marcel Beemster.  “Together we can offer a seamless solution to two of the biggest problems facing developers of safety critical systems: ensuring that their development tools meet ISO (26262) standards and that the applications they build with these tools are verifiably complete and correct.”

Verum’s CEO, Robert Howe, is equally enthusiastic: “Solid Sands’ SuperTest frees application developers from the costly and time consuming burden of demonstrating that their tools work for their safety critical problem domain. Verum’s Dezyne software engineering toolset helps them eliminate costly application design errors early in the product lifecycle, dramatically decreasing engineering risks, development costs and, ultimately their Total Cost of Ownership”.

The ISAFE project will run for a period of one year, with the fruits of the project being released in the latter half of next year.

About Solid Sands B.V.
Solids Sands is the one-stop shop for C and C++ compiler and library testing, validation and safety services. With SuperTest, Solid Sands offers the largest test and validation suite with a unique level of compiler and library test coverage. SuperTest starts where other suites end. SuperTest enables its customers to achieve the software quality level required by ISO standards. More information on Solid Sands products and services is available at and you can follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

About Verum Software Tools B.V.
Verum exists because our team, along with our customers, believes that theres a better way to build software systems. Our latest product, Dezyne, is a model-driven software engineering tool that enables software engineers to create, explore and formally verify component based designs for embedded and technical software systems. It leads to generated code that is robust, reliable and trustworthy. The results include a 50% reduction in development costs, 20% decrease in time to market and a 25% reduction in the cost of field defects. More information is available at