It’s fascinating how fast computer applications are nowadays. And we all know that the C language still is the most efficient programming language around. That is why it is used in the core of the IT infrastructure: in operating systems, the internet and in embedded and real-time applications. Why we do what we do at Solid Sands? We are specialized in C and C++ compiler and library testing, because we want to safeguard the utmost quality of the world’s highest performance programming language.

More than 30 years of research

SuperTest is our contribution to a stable IT infrastructure. The test and validation suite for C and C++ compilers has tracked the (ISO) language specification for over 30 years now, resulting in (amongst others) a huge library of hand-written tests, a large body of generated tests and a framework to easily set-up and run compiler validations.

Intercepting the many pitfalls of C compilation

As said, to us it is all about assuring the highest C quality, so your end-users can experience smooth running products and applications. SuperTest intercepts the many pitfalls of C compilation, by making sure that C source code is compiled as specified by the language standard.

Bright future

We offer the embedded industry a validation suite that leads to the additional quality you need, while using your preferred C language variant. The future is bright. We continuously update SuperTest and recently introduced major new language extensions and precise math testing to the field of compiler test and validation suites, bringing your compilers to an even higher confidence level.

More information?

Are you interested in how exactly you can benefit from SuperTest? Feel free to contact us for more information: Marianne Damstra, phone +31 6 50 250 484 or

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