How to ensure a high compiler quality level? By considering all parts of the compiler. From experience we know that focusing on the language specification makes it appear as if only the front end matters. If you want to ensure safety and quality, you should be validating all parts of your compiler, including optimizations and the code generator. That is exactly what SuperTest does. But there is so much more to know about our test and validation suite. Read our Q&A, contact us or come to an upcoming event.

Working in safety critical markets is not always easy. You have to meet increasingly strict quality requirements. We can imagine you are always searching for the best and most effective way to ensure safety and quality in-company. Luckily there are tools around that can help you with that. Take SuperTest, our test suite was recently ranked highest on traceability and ease of use by SIG (Software Improvement Group).

What’s your question?

At Solid Sands, we are putting a lot of energy in communicating with you. We want to bring across the message that testing your compilers really isn’t that difficult. We want you to know exactly what SuperTest can do for you. For example, we recently made a Q&A. We answer questions such as ‘What do I need to test the correctness of a C or C++ compiler?’, ‘Does SuperTest test all of C and C++, which is necessary for the compiler accreditation?’  and  ‘I need to qualify my compiler for ISO 26262, what do I do?’. You also will read how and why SuperTest validates all three phases of your compiler. Interested in the Q&A? You can read it here.

We have an interesting event coming up as well. We will be exhibiting at the Automotive Testing Expo Europe on 20–22 June in Stuttgart. We are looking forward to meeting the compiler users and giving them insight in the key advantages of SuperTest. Please visit our booth (number 1575). Do you want to know how we can support you and/or would you like to set up a meeting in Stuttgart, please contact us: Marianne Damstra, phone +31 6 50 250 484 or

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