At the start of this new year we are happy to present the third Update to the SuperTest Rembrandt Release.  For this update we have focused on extending the SuperTest suite with C++11 language conformance testing. We are quite proud of this considering the magnitude of the new features covered and the complexity of the C++ language. The new C++11 suite contains 324 new hand-written test-files containing a total of 1885 individual tests.

Significant attention was placed on the verification of ADL, Argument Dependent Lookup. ADL was much discussed in the C++ community because, although ADL was in the previous standards, it was not rigorously defined. This has changed in C++11, allowing us to now subject it to thorough testing.

The following is the specific list of language features that are tested by the C++11 suite in addition to ADL. The Nnnnn notes (below) refer to design papers by the C++ committee. They can be found through the index at:

o N2118 Rvalue references
o N2439 Rvalue references for *this
o N1610 Initialization of class objects by rvalues
o N2756 Non-static data member initializers
o N2242 Variadic templates
o N2672 Initializer lists
o N1720 Static assertions
o N1984 Auto-typed variables
o N2541 New function declarator syntax
o N2927 Lambda expressions
o N2343 Declared type of an expression
o N3276 Incomplete return types
o N1757 Right angle brackets
o N2634 Solving the SFINAE problem for expressions
o N2258 Alias templates
o N2431 Null pointer constant
o N2347 Strongly-typed enums
o N2764 Forward declarations for enums
o N2235 Generalized constant expressions
o N2341 Alignment support
o N1986 Delegating constructors
o N2540 Inheriting constructors
o N2249 New character types
o N2442 Raw string literals
o N2170 Universal character names in literals
o N2342 Standard layout types
o N2346 Defaulted functions
o N2346 Deleted functions
o N3050 Allowing move constructors to throw noexcept
o N1811 C99 long long

Also C++14 (or maybe it will be called C++15…) was just approved a few weeks ago so we are already looking forward to further extending the SuperTest suite.