with C11 and extended C math library tests

Amsterdam – 22 November 2016 – Solid Sands the supplier of SuperTest, the industry-leading and largest test and validation suite for C and C++ compilers and libraries, announces its latest Update for the SuperTest Mondrian Release. This Update is again a radical advancement from previous versions of SuperTest, providing customers with superior C mathematical library tests. The additional compiler and library tests in this Update focus on completely covering the C11 language.

The added features empower engineers to scrutinize the accuracy of the math library supplied with the compiler, in addition to keeping a close eye on compiler quality. The new tests for the C mathematical library are valid for C99, C11 and C++. Solid Sands decided to provide more thorough testing because the accuracy of available implementations of the C mathematical library has significantly improved in the last years.

“The mathematical library definition in C is underspecified because it states no requirements on the accuracy of the sine, cosine and other functions.” says Solid Sands’ CTO Marcel Beemster. “This is regrettable because developers do have expectations in this area. Fortunately, high quality library implementations are available. This latest Update verifies the accuracy of all the common, and some uncommon, math functions within a range of two ULP, as well as the correct handling of all special cases.”

SuperTest is unique – even though the suite grows with every update it is still easy to control the set of tests you want to run. Our goal is to expand the leading role of being the largest suite that is organized and well structured according to the language standards, so it remains the first choice for compiler and library assessment, and becomes essential for safety-standard compiler qualification.

About Solid Sands

Solids Sands is the one-stop shop for C and C++ compiler and library testing, validation and safety services. With SuperTest, Solid Sands offers the largest test and validation suite with a unique level of compiler and library test coverage. SuperTest starts where other suites end. SuperTest supports its customers to achieve the high software quality level required by the ISO standards. More information on Solid Sands product and services is available at www.solidsands.nl and you can follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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