Solid Sands is proud to sponsor the Embedded Systems week which will be in held in our home town Amsterdam, The Netherlands, from 4 to 9 October 2015.

Solid Sands has chosen this event to continue to inform the world of the importance of testing compilers.

We all know that compilers are complex products. Translating applications into machine code requires extensive testing for language conformance, correctness and quality. With millions of tests, SuperTest assists both compiler developers to validate their compiler and compiler users to check their software development kits before use.

By sponsoring this event we have the chance to make embedded developers aware that compiler development tools are the ultimate bridges between software and hardware and that they need to be verified with a reliable and proven tool like SuperTest.

Solid Sands will be present during the Embedded Systems week and we would be pleased to see you there. Just send us an email and we’ll schedule a meeting.

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