Distributor Announcement

Solid Sands signs agreement with Phaedrus Systems to distribute the SuperTest suite in the UK

Amsterdam and Tamworth, Staffs, September 9, 2015
Solid Sands supplier of the SuperTest compiler test and validation suite is pleased to announce that Phaedrus Systems Ltd. is now the exclusive United Kingdom distributor.

Phaedrus Systems is the leading supplier of tools and services to developers of embedded safety-critical and high-integrity systems. “Phaedrus has proven its experience and knowledge in the safety-critical markets. SuperTest supports the vendors to meet the high requirements for these markets. We are excited to work together with Phaedrus to bring our support for the important UK-market to a higher level.” said Marianne Damstra, chief commercial officer of Solid Sands.

“We are very pleased to make the outstanding SuperTest suite available in the UK”, said Chris Hills, CTO of Phaedrus Systems, “it provides the C and C++ testing and validation capability to the developer’s necessary toolbox for the creation of embedded systems that meet the demanding requirement and safety standards of automotive, aerospace, railways, nuclear and other critical systems applications.”

About Phaedrus Systems
Phaedrus Systems is the UK’s leading specialist in the support of engineers at all stages of embedded safety-critical and high-integrity projects. Tools available include requirements capture for IEC 61508, EN 50128 and nuclear applications; requirements tracking and competency tools; estimation software; SIL3 RTOS; hi-rel embedded database; compiler validation reports and reliability/failure software. Consultants have experience working on automotive, rail and aerospace applications, meeting standards such as IEC 61508 SIL4, and D0178B. Backing these is a wide range of other relevant embedded tools. More information at www.phaedsys.com.

About Solid Sands B.V. 
Solids Sands is the one-stop shop for C and C++ compiler testing, validation and safety services. With SuperTest Solid Sands offers the largest compiler test and validation suite with a unique level of compiler test coverage. SuperTest starts where other suites end.
SuperTest supports its customers to achieve a high software quality level required by several ISO standards. More information on Solid Sands product and services is available at www.solidsands.nl.