It does not matter if you are working with large or small processors. With SuperTest you have the most flexible compiler validation suite in hands, meaning it flawlessly adapts to all target systems. Feel free to ask for the demo, so you can not only test its flexibility, but also explore many more unique features of our validation suite.

Recently, we were asked if our validation suite can work on small processors as well as it does on large ones. Maybe more of you have the same question. We are proud to announce that size does not matter. SuperTest is made to validate all processors, enabling all of our customers to build better and reliable systems.

Testing lightweight interfaces
Usually it is difficult to test on ‘bare metal’, a processor that neither has an OS nor flexible I/O capabilities. SuperTest does not demand high requirements from target processors. Even a small interface is enough to run our tests and detect possible bugs. You can also easily turn off the parts of the standard (I/O) library that are not supported. Better yet, more than 90% of the tests require just a few KB of RAM to load and execute. Of course, SuperTest can run on simulators too.

We are fully aware that all of our customers in the embedded industry are different. You all make different end products, and therefore have different processors and needs. But whatever your demands, SuperTest has the right answer regarding C and C++ compiler and library testing. SuperTest offers you the utmost needed to validate the capabilities of a wide range of compilers.

More information?
Are you interested in what SuperTest can offer you? Or do you want to try a test demo? Feel free to contact us: Marianne Damstra, phone +31 6 50 250 484 or

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