SuperTest Users

“...It’s not just in the front-end that bugs can occur. Changes in the optimization paths at the back-end of our compilers can also create new problems. SuperTest identifies a lot of the issues, not only in the front-end but also in the back-end.”

Verification Manager, Synopsys

“...Since these compiler problems and errors can be detected before the product development and shipment, DENSO can significantly reduce the effort of updating. We believe that SuperTest has turned out to be a good investment for the company.”

Assistant Manager, Basic Software Eng. Div. DENSO Corporation

“...Our customers already know about SuperTest and its reputation for meeting ISO 26262 requirements, so when we say that our tools are verified by SuperTest that definitely gives us an advantage during negotiations.”

Director of Software Engineering, Ambarella

“...One of our main concerns was validating the GCC C++11 compiler. SuperTest offers us a huge and very rich test suite that we can run against the compiler to verify that it does meet the language standards. GCC comes with its own test suite, but it’s not by any means certified for automotive use or guaranteed to meet the standard in all areas.”

Principal Software Engineer, Peloton Technology

“…SuperTest’s strengths lie in its breadth of coverage of language features and what it allows you to test, making it particularly useful when you are bringing up a compiler from scratch with a custom back-end. Its ability to do that and its general utility in that space is why we come back to using it again and again. It’s almost an industry-standard.”

Vice-President Software, Graphcore

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A selection of SuperTest users