SuperTest – helping to lead the RISC-V revolution at SiFive

California-based SiFive is a semiconductor IP company founded in 2015 by the inventors of the open RISC-V instruction set architecture. Its semiconductor IP ranges from high-performance application processors and vector processors to low-power embedded 64- and 32-bit microcontrollers. SiFive was the first company to design a quad-core RISC-V CPU capable of running fully featured Linux distributions.

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Solid Sands and iMQ join forces to accelerate MCU innovation with high-performance C compiler implementation

Solid Sands, the world leader in testing and validation for C and C++ compilers and libraries, today announced that Taiwan-based iMQ Technology, the creator of microcontrollers and security ICs used for home applications, has adopted SuperTest Compiler Test and Validation technology for its next generation MCU compiler designs.

See the English version of the Press Release

See the Mandarin version of the Press Release

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SuperTest – helping eSOL deliver safety-compliant real-time embedded software platforms

Virtually all of today’s safety-critical embedded software applications are made up of three components – developer written application code, standard library components, and a real-time operating system (RTOS). For Rolland Dudemaine, Vice President Engineering at eSOL Europe, that last element is why compliance to safety standards, such as ISO 26262 for automotive, is so important.

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