C Compilers are essential to a new class of embedded applications and SuperTest increases confidence in correct operation across a rich set of applications

Amsterdam and Brno, April 13, 2015
Solid Sands, the supplier of SuperTest, the industry-leading and largest compiler test and validation suite for C and C++, today announced that Codasip, an application specific instruction-set processor (ASIP) electronic design automation (EDA) tool and IP provider from Brno, has acquired SuperTest to validate the quality of the LLVM-based compilers generated by their tools.

“The ability to automatically generate compilers for our customers unique ASIP, means testing is critical to us as no two designs are the same. We were searching for a test suite that would meet our very specific needs.” Said Karel Masarik, CEO of Codasip. “Our ASIP tools handle a wide range of unique capability including nonstandard datatypes. SuperTest gives us the flexibility needed to validate the rich capabilities of our generated compilers.”

SuperTest delivers a number of unique features including a Depth-suite. In the C standard, the data model is defined by a processors implementation. Depth-suites are generated for specific data models and contain detailed knowledge about the boundaries of arithmetic. SuperTest includes about 30 different Depth-suites to do extremely thorough and exhaustive testing of arithmetic operations with up to 5 operands.

“We see that LLVM is used more and more for newly designed embedded processors. LLVM grows on a daily basis, hence it is critical for compiler developers to closely monitor the quality of the open source LLVM code base. SuperTest is uniquely qualified to do this.” Said Marcel Beemster, CTO of Solid Sands. “As one example of this, our Depth-suite can be adapted to deal with any data model one can imagine.”

ASIPs differ from standard processors in that they are optimized for a target application through unique instructions and datatypes. The use of ASIPs is critical to the new generation of IoT and other applications that must maximize power efficiency while delivering performance and flexibility. The aggressive time-to-market demands of these applications make the use of C-based compilers critical to success and SuperTest allows Codasip to ensure that everything behaves as expected improving both quality and customer confidence.

About Codasip
Codasip delivers leading-edge IP and EDA tools that enable adoption of Application Specific Instruction Set Processors (ASIP’s). ASIP’s utilize dedicated instructions to accelerate software and are at the heart of applications that require very high performance with low power. Codasip’s unique technology makes ASIP adoption as simple and easy as standard embedded processor cores. Formed in 2006 and headquartered in Brno, Czech Republic, Codasip currently has offices in the US and Europe. More information on Codasip’s products and services is available at www.codasip.com.

About Solid Sands
Solids Sands is the one-stop shop for C and C++ compiler testing, validation and safety services. With SuperTest Solid Sands offers the largest compiler test and validation suite with a unique level of compiler test coverage. SuperTest starts where other suites end.
SuperTest supports its customers to achieve a high software quality level required by several ISO standards. More information on Solid Sands product and services is available at www.solidsands.nl.

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