Compiler consultancy

Compiler consultancy

With this compiler assessment service, Solid Sands performs an assessment of a supplied compiler with SuperTest.

This service is interesting for:

  • application developers who do not want or do not have the knowledge in house to setup a compiler testing environment, but do want to ensure that the used compiler, and updates thereof, conform to minimum quality standards.
  • companies that experience a shortage in resources.
  • for compiler developers who already have in-house compiler testing, but want a third party to do independent quality control.
  • companies that want to extend their compiler testing environment, but still need to be convinced of the quality SuperTest offers.

By supplying us with a complete compilation and execution environment (e.g. simulator or emulator), including any necessary software usage rights, we will do a full SuperTest run on your compiler to ensure the quality of the compiler you are developing or using.

After this run you will receive an assessment summary of the failures and their severity as found by SuperTest.

At the end you will have enough knowledge of the current quality of the compiler you develop or use. A percentage of the costs for this assessment will be deducted from the regular SuperTest license fee if ordered within 3 months after we have communicated the outcome of the test-runs.